Everyone knows El Paso is the best place anywhere to get Mexican food but man does not live by tacos alone. I don't anyway, here are a few places to shake things up some.

As a kid, I lived in Houston and I have family in New Orleans so, I developed a fondness for Cajun food early on.

I like Mexican food as much as the next guy but not necessarily all day, everyday. Here are my favorite Cajun joints in the Sun City.

Cajun food isn't super common here in El Paso but we do have a few places. No offense Popeyes but, I'm sticking to restaurants here ... not "fast food".

Of all the different Cajun dishes, my top 3 would be jambalaya ... which I can make myself pretty darn well ... Gumbo and Catfish Etouffee. Yum.

The combination of seasonings and spicy-ness is amazing and, just like a great Mexican meal, Cajun can provide a little heat with the flavor.

Not all of my top 3 are "exclusively" Cajun but they do all offer at least one Cajun dish - Jambalaya. Here are my faves ...

Photo, Google Maps
Photo, Google Maps

Trap 'N Crab - The Jambalaya here is the bomb but it's kind of a secret and isn't really known to everyone.

It's not on the menu but they'll make it if you ask. Just so you know ...

Photo, Google Maps
Photo, Google Maps

Crawdaddy's - Their Gumbo and their jambalaya are kinda tied with me but I'll give the edge to the jambalaya.

They make it "wet", adding a tomato sauce base ... I think that's what is is ... that is delish.

Photo, Google Maps
Photo, Google Maps

BJ's Restaurant - Jambalaya is pretty much the only Cajun dish on the menu but it is daaayyyy-um tasty.

As I said, they don't all offer every Cajun dish there is but they all do a Jambalaya so that's a great starting point.

Bonus points for Crawdaddy's and Trap 'N Crab as they are both locally owned.


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