Netflix has been messing with me a lot lately. During the weekend, many fans of the show noticed that it gave an expiration date: January 1st. People on the internet were freaking out. The rumor was that WarnerMedia,  the company that runs "Friends" is launching their own streaming service later next year thus moving "Friends" to it's streaming platform, which makes sense. Then, I came to the realization that I had never actually watched an episode of "Friends." I've seen the highlights, I know about "smelly cat" and I'm aware of the whole Ross and Rachel "will they won't they" drama, but I had never actually watched an episode. This would be my last chance to watch how Monica and Chandler hooked it up, or why Ross gets a monkey! I had less than thirty days to get it together and watch all ten seasons and all 236 episodes!

Then, the universe intervened. Yesterday, I sat down and started watching the very first episode and I began writing this post. This post was originally called "I've never seen 'Friends' and now it's leaving Netflix!" I set out to watch all 236 episodes before they left Netflix. After the second episode, I decided to take a nap and somehow between my nap and my waking up, Netflix decided not to get rid of "Friends."

According to the Hollywood Reporter Netflix's chief content officer Ted Sarandos, the expiration date and news that the show would be leaving was "just a rumor." Okay, well that rumor had the internet mad. But rest assured that "Friends" will be there for you even in 2019. As for me, I'm invested. I'm going to finish this series! I'm on season one, episode 6. 230 more episodes to go! What's your favorite "Friends" episode?

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