Black Mirror is a great Netflix show from Britain that has been described as a modern Twilight Zone. It always has a story twist, some of which rise to the level of "mind-blowing". Seriously, when you finally figure out the ramifications of what happens in the episode "White Christmas"...KA. BOOM.

I just re-watched one of the most popular episodes "San Junipero". It's the one where people hang out at this cool beach town in 1987. As much as I loved "San Junipero" the FIRST time I watched, I enjoyed it even more watching it again. Because it was full of Easter Eggs which, if you haven't seen it yet, are also SPOILERS!!! (Actually, what I'm calling "Easter Eggs" were formerly known as "foreshadowing". I know. I was an English Lit Major so don't correct me on this.)

(For reals, if you don't want the episode spoiled don't read past the dotted line.)


Alright. You're still reading so I guess you've either already seen it or don't care.

It turns out that "San Junipero" actually takes place inside a highly advanced computer VR. To town is peopled by folks who have died and had their consciousness up-loaded into the computer. Also, living people (referred to as "tourists") can also upload and visit San Junipero but only for a 12 hour time limit per week. We find out that the two main characters, Kelly and Yorkie, are actually not cool youngsters. They're both elderly women, and that Yorkie has been paralyzed and in a coma since an accident when she was a young woman.

Here's where the Easter Egg/Spoilers begin.

In the first scene Yorkie is playing Pac Man in an arcade. A nerdy guy asks her if she wants to play a racing game. When the car in the game crashes Yorkie recoils because, as we find out later, she was paralyzed in a car accident.

When Kelly's car runs off the road she laughs about "the look on your face". The look on Yorkie's face is more understandable when you discover she's been in a coma for fifty years because of a car wreck.

Yorkie is listening to Eighties music. When "Girlfriend in a Coma" comes on, she makes a face and changes the song. Because she's in a coma. Then when "Heaven is a Place on Earth" plays you realize that, for a non-religious person, this tech must really seem as close to heaven on Earth as you could get. Kelly later explains that she doesn't believe in the afterlife.

When a young guy is hitting on Kelly, he's telling her all about his knee surgeries and how he barely missed out on the big tech boom. These are the kind of things an elderly man, not a 20 year old would be talking about.

The movie on the marquee is for "Lost Boys" which is about people who are actually dead but partying it up in Eighties.

I don't know if all the other Black Mirror episodes have as many cool Eggs but it's worth it to me to watch them again to find out. I'll keep you posted.

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