Egg rolls are delicious. They're like, scrumptious Chinese deep fried burritos. Egg rolls are especially delicious at 1 A.M. when you've been drinking at your favorite bar. Unfortunately, there aren't any Chinese restaurants that are open that late, at least none that I know of. Fortunately for us, there's The Egg Roll Lady.

If you're from the Northeast, then you're familiar with The Egg Roll Lady. She roams the parking lots and bars of the Northeast selling her hot, delicious egg rolls. When I first encountered her, the egg rolls were only $1. Then, at my last encounter with her, they were up to $2. No big deal. These weren't your ordinary small egg rolls, they were worth it! At least that's what I told myself at 2 in the morning when I would spend $10 on egg rolls.

Something has changed, though. It has been MONTHS since I have seen The Egg Roll lady! Not in a Walmart parking lot, not in a bar on a Friday night at 1 A.M. not even at the Dollar Tree! Someone tell me that The Egg Roll Lady is still out there hustlin' her egg rolls. I'm getting concerned. I know Friends who would run into her and let me know, but it has been too long since that's happened. I need to know that shes' still out there, and that somewhere there is a drunk girl like me buying $10 worth of egg rolls!