Everyone thinks I'm only a cat lover because I have so many, but, the truth is that I also have dogs. I have two little ankle biter Chihuahua's, they're 14 years old. Now, they're a little old but when they were younger they used to love playing with squeaky toys. Dog owners will feel me on this one. They would go crazy for them and in turn, it would drive me crazy. The squeaking noise gets to you after awhile and then you regret buying it. Well the other day my coworker told me why dogs like it and I. WAS. SHOOKETH.

Lisa likes to bring Tubby into the studio every now and then and when he's here he hangs out in my room. Tubby has a little bunny that squeaks and he was going to town on it when our coworker Tricia from Kiss FM came in and told me that dogs like the squeaky toys because it sounds like a dying animal and since dogs are descendants of wolves, the sound attracts them. Creepy, right? Well, I had to find out if it was true or not and, yeah, it's pretty much true, I looked all over and they all say the same thing. This according to Petmeds.com:

"Domestic dogs are descended from wolves and some theorize that the squeaky noise is reminiscent of the squeaking sound frightened or injured prey would make, appealing to your dog’s hunting instincts. Once the squeaker has been removed, the prey is “dead” and your dog’s job is complete. "

I guess it makes sense. Now every time I hear Tubby squeaking away with his toy, all I'll be able to think of is his need to kill!