Whenever someone calls in with an outlandish claim my first question is, “Where are they getting this?” Meaning is their source reliable? Second, “Is information being manipulated in some way to make an invalid point?”  Third, "Where can I find those sources, read what they actually say, and then verify the accuracy of those claims?"

This is especially hard to do when someone calls, out of the blue and drops something like, “Fox and Glenn Beck have proved that Dr. Fauci is a maniacal killer of innocent puppies”.

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“Jesus H. Christ! The man tortured puppies and I’ll bet you’re going to defend him!”

“Lisa claims to be an animal lover but she completely omits the story about Fauci killing puppies.”

“Zero mentions! None! Why? Because you guys would have to come out and defend your lord and savior, Fauci?”

Look, the only thing I feel compelled to defend is the truth. This is why YOU have to ask those questions about the reliability of sources, possible hidden agendas, and manipulation in the form of half-truths, innuendo, and false equivalencies.  It’s NOT easy work but I do it because being accurate is important to me. So, here goes…


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These claims first arose in August of this year.  A group of conservative animal rights activists (such things exist) called “The White Coat Waste Project” alleges that the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Disease, under the direction of Anthony Fauci, used taxpayer money to test experimental vaccines on puppy dogs.


Absolutely. The NIH issued obligated funds of nearly half a million dollars to test the efficacy of a vaccine for parasites on animal subjects, specifically beagles. The NIH acknowledges this and a spokesman for the University of Georgia who did the testing on dogs was “necessary” and that “all humane standards were adhered to”.

I don’t know how “humane” the standards could possibly be, considering all the test subjects were eventually killed and dissected.


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Insomuch as he was the director of the NIAID when the testing was approved and conducted, yes, Dr. Anthony Fauci bears at least some responsibility.


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Because Fauci has been with the National Institutes of Health for OVER FIFTY YEARS. And animal testing has been a part of the scientific process, literally, as long as science has existed. In fact, the American Medical Association says, “virtually EVERY medical advancement in the 20th century has been achieved…through the use of animals in laboratory experiments."

So, the honest headline isn’t “Fauci Tortures Animals”.  It should be, “Medical Science Tortures Animals”. And, yes, infecting animals with diseases then killing them and dissecting them qualifies as “torture” to me.  Unfortunately, I’m not about to go through my medicine cabinet and throw out everything that was tested on animals because that would be, literally, everything.  Either I’m OK with animal testing OR I’m a big hypocrite. Neither option is pleasant to think about.


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People who are using this story to bash Fauci’s authority on vaccines and Covid advice are either knowingly misleading or they have no idea how medicine, bureaucracies, funding or academia works. Even if Anthony Fauci HIMSELF conducted these experiments (he didn’t) that wouldn’t have any bearing at all on his qualifications as THE top infectious disease expert for the last 7 presidents.  It’s fake outrage. It’s dishonest pearl-clutching. It’s a dumb way for dumb people to attack things they don’t understand.

Also, this testing was approved in 2018 and 2019. If you’re going to put all the blame on the guy in charge of the NIAID, you should also put some of the blame on HIS boss. And in 2018 and 2019 it WASN’T Biden


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I wish biological experimentation could be done WITHOUT animals.  I hope that day comes soon. But, my problem isn’t with science and it certainly isn’t with anyone scientist. I’m conflicted. And, unless you’re willing to never use a vaccine, an antibiotic…even eye drops…then you’re complicit in it too. Sorry, trolls, but Dr. Fauci’s reputation is still intact. Just wear your mask, go get the vaccine, and thank your lucky stars that you’re not a beagle or living in any other period in time.

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