Earlier this week, Disneyland opened back up. No, not the one in Anaheim, the one in Shanghai! That's right, Shanghai Disneyland reopened it's gates to tourists after months of being shutdown due to the coronavirus epidemic. The park is operating at 20% capacity and upon entering, guests must get their temperature taken, show a QR code on their phones that proves they've tested negative for COVID-19 and wear a face covering at all times (except when eating). The park is also undergoing extensive and frequent sanitation and disinfecting in high-touch areas while also providing hand sanitizer at the end of every ride. Social distancing of six feet is also required while in lines, restaurants and rides, according to officials.

While it sounds like a dream come true for a Disney park to be operating at only 20% capacity, it makes many Disney fans think if this model could follow in the U.S. if/when they decide to open. Tickets for the reopening sold out, and it's not surprising; it's the first Disney park to open, and after months inside the house, many people were itching to get out there. I know, for sure I want to go back, but is this too soon?

If you don't already know, my trip to Disneyland was cancelled because of the pandemic (yes, I know, I'm an adult, why would I want to go to Disneyland? It's my happy place, okay?!). Disney announced they were closing on a Thursday at 4 P.M., I was scheduled to leave the following day. After crying it out and a bottle of wine, I understood the severity of the situation and spent my spring break self-isolating. I still haven't gotten a refund from Disney, I do know I'll be going back maybe not this year but I'm hopeful that I'll feel safe going next year. But now that pictures of Shanghai Disneyland's reopening are out, is this what it will be like when I go back? I just want to be at Disneyland, eating a churro while in line for The Haunted Mansion!

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