To many El Pasoans the star on the mountain means "home."

The El Paso icon has been lit on various occasions like holiday seasons and honoring those we lost in the August 3rd shooting. Currently, the star is lit up in blue in honor of our law enforcement sponsored by Tropicana Homes, Tropicana Properties, Tropicana Buildings, and Patriot Mortgage.

The Star on the Franklins has been the victim of many vandalizations. Actually, according to The El Paso Chamber of Commerce who oversee everything about the star on the mountain, the star has been subject to vandalization since the birth of the star.

Recently, the vandalizations has increased, according to the EP Chamber of Commerce, who said that this past weekend was some of the worst they've seen!

In a Facebook post, the EP Chamber of Commerce says that though they are the caretakers for the star, so they are asking "all El Pasoans to be respectful and take care of our iconic landmark. As a reminder, hiking up to the Star is not permitted due to safety concerns and the Star's location on private property."

What is it about the star that makes people want to vandalize it?

First of all, how do you even get up there?!

I've lived here my whole life and I've never known how to get up there.

Stop vandalizing the star, seriously.

It may be tempting to hike up to it, which you shouldn't do to begin with, but if you do, pick up after yourself!

I know many El Paso moms who would give you a chanclazo for leaving your trash there.

Respect the Star.

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