I’m a good tipper, partially because I like to show appreciation to others and partially because I know I get recognized sometimes and I don’t want people saying I’m a cheapskate. A server would literally have to spit on my food in front of me to not get at least 20%. Even then, I’d probably still do 15%.

Having said that, I have never been a person who tips when getting carry-out. If I’m getting a huge catering order and someone has to help me carry it to the car, sure, I’ll throw ‘em a fin or a Hamilton. But if I’m just going in, paying and somebody hands me a bag with my food, why would I tip for that? I don’t tip the drive-thru guy at McDonalds and that’s essentially the same thing.

Sorry. Before I go complete Mr. Pink here, I’ve changed my policy. I am now tipping when I pick up a carryout order. Why? Because, these folks are doing more now than just handing me a bag of food. They are risking their health and possibly lives just by showing up for work. The person working “curbside to go” is probably not getting hazard pay. Yet, they have to “interface” with random people all day long. That kind of risk is worth 15 to 20% of my bill.

Who knows? I might start tipping the McDonald’s drive-thru guy for the same reason, too.

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