Sad news for fans of the sweet Shelbie the Shelter Dog.

If you have ever visited the Humane Society of El Paso, seeing Shelbie the Shelter Dog there was always a treat. She was so sweet and cute you couldn't help but smile when you saw her curious face. Being a shelter dog is an important and fun job to have, that Shelbie was great at. She could greet people at the door, supervise the work being done and let people see how a dog from the Humane Society of El Paso can be. Shelbie had been at the Humane Society for years, but earlier this month it became time for Shelbie to find her permanent home with Betty Hoover. Betty Hoover was the Executive Director of the Humane Society and took Shelbie home with her every night. The two created a close bond that continued past the hours of 9-5.

Sadly, this past Saturday Shelbie passed over the rainbow bridge. The Humane Society of El Paso put up a touching blog post, explaining what happened to the deeply loved former shelter mascot:

Betty and her husband noticed something was amiss early Saturday morning. Shelbie was not her usual, spunky self; she would not eat, would not play, and Betty knew her friend was not well. Shelbie was rushed to Crossroads Animal Hospital, and after a battery of tests, it was discovered that Shelbie had a hemorrhagic carcinoma on her spleen. The carcinoma had ruptured, causing Shelbie’s abdomen to fill with blood. Shelbie continued to bleed internally, and even with emergency surgery, the prognosis was grim. Shelbie was humanely euthanized at Crossroads; she was surrounded by her family, and took her last breath in the arms of the woman who has loved her more than any dog could ask.

The Humane Society of El Paso is in mourning now for a dog who was so much more than just a pet. She was an animal ambassador, a volunteer, a therapist, a lover and one of a kind. Rest in peace Shelbie, we hope you're eating all the cheese you can on the other side of the rainbow bridge.

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