At first when I saw this; I was like What!!!!!!!  Then I was all Whaaaaat!?!? Now I'm just like What ....... TF?

Yep, vibrating tattoos. 

They're here. 

It's not exactly a real tattoo though so don't get tooooooooo excited.  (Though where you place it could get very exciting!!)

Nokia has developed what is basically a band-aid that responds to signals from your phone.  Could be kind of fun (ok, ok ... it could be a LOT of fun) but my phone and I are together way to much as it is. 

We're "coworkers" if you will and I'm not sure I'm ready to take it to that next level.

Not yet anyway .......

Read the whole article at!

For now, I guess we'll just stay "friends with apps"!!  :)

(At least until George at House Of Pain tells me he can do "ring tone coverups".  Sometimes things just don't work out; you know??)