KLAQ, your station for all things Metallica celebrates the release of their new album “72 Seasons” starting Friday with 72 hours for “72 Seasons!” Hear songs from the album throughout the weekend AND win your very own copy! Plus, we’ll feature Metallica classics and special live versions recorded during their last El Paso concert all weekend long!

Ways to Win Metallica Merchandise

Between 6 am Friday, April 14th, and 6 am Monday, April 16th, enter to win a Vinyl Metallica catalog through the KLAQ Mobile App!

Special Metallica Programming on KLAQ/Loudwire Nights

Loudwire Nights Friday at 7 will start with this feature within the “Metallica: 72 Seasons Radio Special” hosted by David Fricke with all 4 band members. They’ll talk about the making of Metallica’s 12th studio album!

On Saturday 5 pm -7 pm, Ultimate Metallica will also feature lots of “72 Seasons” related content/songs.

Metallica's History with El Paso

Since we know El Pasoans love Metallica so much, we have always shared stories about the band on our website. Our very own Glenn Garza has seen the band multiple times and even has some exclusive photos. As you can read here, Metallica has performed multiple times in El Paso since its beginning. From The Don Haskins Center to Aggie Memorial Stadium and even the El Paso County Coliseum, Metallica has been on multiple El Paso stages. One many may not have remembered is a stage at The Big Apple in East El Paso. You can see those photos here and remember where this band started from, then appreciate jus how iconic they are.

Here Are Some of Our Favorite Metallica T-Shirts

Metallica have not only created some of the best heavy metal in the last 40 years, they've also created some of the most iconic T-shirts. In the last four decades, they've worked with incredible artists like Pushead, Brian Ewing and others to bring their songs and albums to life. In the gallery below, we've picked out some of our favorite T-shirts that are currently available at Metallica's official online store. Which one is your favorite?

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