So you've been collecting your vinyl records and taking the best care of it the best way you know how. So why after all these years the sound just isn't up to par? Well my friends I'm here to help. With some advice from one of my favorite people in rock Mr. Sebastian Bach, an avid collector of all things vinyl, you can thank me later.

As the rise in vinyl is starting to take over cd sells, it's funny to me how thing's tend to go full circle and then again. If the record you loved as a kid isn't sounding the way you remember a simple trick can save you money in the long run.

Enter into the equation wood glue. Yep, wood glue. All you do is take your vinyl out, and smear a layer of wood glue over the record. Letting it rest for a couple days, then wait. On the third day peel off the dried wood glue off your vinyl and voila` just like "new"! Put your new sounding record on and let the tears of joy roll down. What record from your youth would you bring back to life?