People are beginning to holiday shop and send out presents to try and beat to rush this year. Here's how you can help protect yourself against porch pirates.

We're almost halfway through October and many Americans are starting to stress out about whether or not their holiday packages will arrive in time. We reported back in August how there were shipping delays expected to plague retailers and customers throughout the end of the year and some started sending out packages far earlier than normal.

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Now, with some packages starting to arrive (my Halloween costume should be coming in soon so I'm in the same boat) people need to remember how to protect themselves against porch pirates.

In the past, we've given some helpful tips for avoiding porch pirates like concealing the contents, getting notifications, and scheduling a delivery time but there are new ways you can protect yourself.


  • Video doorbells – video doorbells used to only be for the elite but now with prices more reasonable, almost any household can invest in a video doorbell. Since they record what's going on when they see movement on the porch, you can see when a package is delivered and if someone shows up right afterwards to take the package.
  • Allow for in-garage access –Some companies like Amazon Prime have the option of Amazon Key In-Garage Delivery which allows for the drivers to put your packages into your garage if you are away when the package arrives.
  • Lock Boxes –You can have a lock box installed on your porch which allows packages to be placed in the secure, locked mailbox that only you can open when you get home.
  • Get it delivered to another location –  If none of the above options work, you can also get the package delivered to your office, a post office box, or even a friend or neighbor's house. My neighbor works a lot so sometimes she'll have packages sent to my house so I can watch them until she gets home from work.

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