All that crap cluttering up your garage, shed, living room ... whatever ... could make you some extra cash in El Paso and you don't have to do a thing.

We've all got stuff laying around that we no longer want or need but are too busy, (well, lazy in my case), to do anything about getting rid of it.

Maybe you don't have a truck or trailer for the big stuff. Whatever your reason is for not tossing stuff you haven't touched in years, making a few bucks off from it might motivate you.

To be honest, you don't exactly make money with this idea, you just kinda get back a little of what you've already spent.

Certain items can be donated to charities in exchange for a tax credit and JunkLuggers of El Paso can help you clean up, literally and figuratively.

For a fee, they will come load up all that stuff you have been moving around, tripping over or complaining about, haul it off, find someone who actually wants it and bring you back receipts to show Uncle Sam.

Note, not every item can be donated and not every item that can be will find a home but, if you ever want that man cave to materialize, you have to make some room first, right?

For that matter, this could even be a side hustle for you. Make money consistently by doing this for others rather than just a one time payoff dumping your own crap.

There are many places in El Paso that will haul stuff off for you but, other than JunkLuggers, I don't know if any promise to donate items and collect your receipts for you.

You'll have to ask - Here are a few to start with:

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