As heavy rains have hit El Paso this past week, it's easy to notice how our storm drains don't function as well as they should. I mean, they're "drains" that don't really "drain". There's a pretty simple explanation for this. They're clogged with garbage.

I'm not sure why people need to be told this, but put your trash in an actual trash bin. It doesn't just go on the ground. I learned this when I was a child. Apparently this is something the cast majority of El Paso doesn't understand. Of course, this isn't exclusive to El Paso. This was something that became a big problem across the United States last year because people were just chucking masks on the ground when they were done with them. CLICK HERE to see an article about how this was happening pretty much everywhere.

This doesn't mean it's not a big problem here in El Paso though. There is no reason to throw your trash anywhere but in a trash bin other than pure laziness. Just hold on to the damn trash until you have a proper place to dispose of it.

Of course, the people that throw trash on the ground are most likely the same people that will then bitch and moan about the city's storm drains not working properly and will point the finger at everyone other than themselves because they have zero accountability for their own actions.

This also isn't anything new. CLICK HERE to check out an article from from KFOX 14 from 5 years ago, talking about the garbage being one of the reasons the storm drains in El Paso don't drain properly.

This is all very simple. Pick up after yourself. Don't litter. Or even better, DON'T MESS WITH TEXAS!


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