With the number of COVID-19 cases on the rise in the State of Texas, many are considering heading back into isolation. The first time our state isolated, many found themselves scared to do normal activities, like going to the store or getting gas, but for the second time isolating some are trying to decide how stringent they are going to be when it comes to interacting with others outside of their household. This is where many may start considering having a quarantine "pod," "bubble," or "crew." Different names for essentially the same idea. You can a small, select group of people you can interact with outside of your household. The group decides you can hang out socially with each other, but not others.

The State of Texas is facing an ominous increase in COVID-19 cases. According to KVUE News, there were over 2,500 new cases reported in the state and 32 new deaths. We also saw 2,153 new hospitalizations, a new record-high number for Texas. There are still hotspots within the Lone Star State and other states have been told to begin preparing for another spike in cases and hospitalizations. If there is a second round of lockdowns in the country, you may want to consider talking to some of your close friends or family members to see who would be interested in starting a quarantine crew, especially if you live alone. If this is an idea that interests you, check out some tips on how to decide who to add in your crew and what steps you should take first before you assemble your crew.

Tips For Creating A Quarantine Crew

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