After many delays, "Ghostbusters: Afterlife" is finally out in theaters!

"Ghostbusters: Afterlife" has a great cast that consists of Carrie Coon, Finn Wolfhard, Mckenna Grace and Paul Rudd.

I got to check out the movie at our favorite place to watch movies, Alamo Drafthouse. I was accompanied by my sister, my nephews and my cousin- all of us certified "Ghostbusters" fans!  The experience was enhanced by Alamo's drink menu that accompanied the movie that included their version of the iconic Ecto-Cooler!

Of course, one of mine and Buzz's favorite thing about Alamo Drafthouse is the the pre-show. All the stuff they show BEFORE the movie trailers. It's always something that pertains to the movie, and always entertaining. For "Ghostbusters" they had all those great commercials from the '80s of all the Ghostbusters merch- as well as anytime a Ghostbuster appeared in a movie or a show. Sitting on Rotten Tomatoes with an audience score of 96% and a critics score of 62%, I'm going to have to agree with the audience on this one.

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The latest installment of the "Ghostbusters" franchise picks up 32 years after "Ghostbusters II" and follows Callie and her son Trevor and daughter Phoebe- who are down on their luck and evicted from their home. The bad news keeps coming when Callie gets word that her estranged father- Egon Spengler- just passed away and left them a dirt farm in the middle of nowhere Oklahoma.

The family travel to Summerville where they vow it's only one summer- hoping to cash in on any valuables and start anew elsewhere. Unfortunately for them, there was no money- just a farm and a bunch of random stuff. Phoebe being a little genius, and a little replica of Egon, is enrolled in summer school where she meets Podcast, he calls himself that because of his podcast. Her teacher is seismologist Gary Grooberson (Paul Rudd).

Trevor is off hoping to find a summer of love while working at the local diner. Everything turns upside down when Phoebe discovers all her grandfather's devices- oh, and also, the house and the town are full of ghosts! But something doesn't seem right, and the earthquakes in the town don't make sense.

After some investigating, and some mischievous activities thanks to the Stay Puft marshmallow army, you know the drill- some ghost bustin' happens! Spoilers, ahead if haven't seen it.

It all comes together in the third act- yes, the original Ghostbusters come through- and yes, even Egon Spengler. I know what you're thinking, Egon Spengler is dead- and Harold Ramis is dead in real life. That's the power of Hollywood! In spirit form, Egon helps his granddaughter and the original Ghostbusters defeat one of the most powerful forces. Phoebe and Trevor get to say goodbye to their grandfather and Callie gets the closure and forgiveness she needs from her father.

It definitely will tug at your heartstrings; especially if you're a Ghostbusters fan- Spengler came back! But it definitely made me bawl my eyes out. My grandpa passed away a few months ago, so seeing Phoebe defeat a powerful ghost alongside of her grandpa, it was a lot to take in!

The fans will appreciate this film, it's heavy on the nostalgia, it's fun and funny, and most importantly, it introduces a new generation to the original- and a new generation will finally find out who they're gonna call.

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