I don't know when exactly this stopped being a thing, but it definitely needs to make a comeback!

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Alamo Drafthouse once hosted this super cool event at Lake Travis in Texas called "JAWS on the Water". What exactly was "JAWS on the Water"? Only the coolest thing ever! You would literally watch the 1975 Steven Spielberg classic "Jaws" on the waters of Lake Travis.

"Jaws" Poster Posted on California Beach
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It sounds cool, but it looks like it was even more cooler than I imagined, here's a little peek of what it looked like.

I'm going to assume that two years ago was the las time that this event happened- this TikTok of the "JAWS on the Water" event is from back in 2021.

It looks like a blast! Unfortunately, I couldn't find any information on whether this event was happening again this summer; which is a shame because it looks like it was a huge hit with locals/fans of the film.

I can say that I am a fan of "Jaws"- but it took awhile for me to get there; "Jaws" was the movie that made me scared of the beach for a good chunk of my formative years. "Jaws" was scary to me! It still kind of freaks me out! And, look, I know that there's no sharks in lakes, but can you imagine watching "Jaws" at night, in open water with only an innertube between you and whatever could be lurking in the lake?

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Universal Pictures

As a horror fan, this seems like the most thrilling way to watch "Jaws"- so this definitely needs to make a comeback!

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