I've always had a fascination for haunted attractions. So this week I made it a point to go out to one of our Haunted Houses this year. Monika had a terrifying experience at the Haunted Theatre, so I decided to go The Fields Have Eyes & boy... they weren't kiddin'...

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I went on Thursday night & since my mom HATES haunted houses, I decided to ask her boyfriend, a retired military veteran of over 20 years, who LOVES haunted houses.

We got there at around 8pm & there was already a bunch of people in front of us (about 30 in front & then another 20 who came AFTER us). Unlike the Theater, The Fields Have Eyes is outside & that means it was DARK...

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The darkness REALLY gives it that extra element of terror. You could hear the people already inside screaming. In fact, while waiting in line, we saw 3 girls run out screaming "I can't! I can't do it!". So you know that's a good sign.

Before we got in, clowns ran out into the crowd to "hype them up" & prepare them for what's inside: one was banging on the trash cans & another ran out with a chainsaw. It worked SO WELL, another girl in front of us got scared so badly, she opted out & ran back to the window you get your tickets.

Finally... we went in...

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Right from the start you were greeted with some very friendly clown masks running up & screaming in your face.  Some carrying pipes & hatchets, banging against the fences. And because you're in a tight spot, you feel confined. You feel WATCHED. I found myself looking over my shoulder to make sure no one was following me...

Sergio Olivas - Palace Media Marketing

You were being led everywhere through the maze, gazing upon the.. aftermath from the killer clowns.

Sergio Olivas - Palace Media Marketing

At times I managed to be in front of the group, forcing me to summon up the courage to be brave. I will admit... I jumped many times... Not knowing what lurked around the corners...

Sergio Olivas - Palace Media Marketing

Near the end we caught glimpses of Michael Myers ahead of us in the maze & we ended up going INSIDE Michael's house. There we fell victim to Michael & his chainsaw wielding friend.

It was a very unnerving, yet exhilarating experience. I was constantly on my toes & feeling on edge the whole time. Maybe you're brave enough to take on Michael too...

The Fields have Eyes is located at Desert Warriors Paintball, 13900 Montana. The hours are:

  • Thursday & Sunday: 7pm to 10pm
  • Friday & Saturday: 7pm to Midnight
  • Admission: $20 at the door, extra $5 to go inside Michael Myer's House

You can get more details for the Haunted Houses Of Terror right HERE

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