Usually, at concerts, we always hope for an energetic introduction and a grand finale exit! While others prefer a soft start with an aggressive finish!  My thoughts about the concert tonight has me wondering something. I want to know what type of song you would want to be abandoned with before the band walks off the stage. Usually, the crowd tends to enjoy the songs that are hardcore and fast paced to finish a show. But sometimes we tend to connect more to the mellow and calmer state when it’s time to say goodbye. Last night Metallica left me grooving with goosebumps when they wrapped up the show! It will be a night to remember, never forget and put in the books! But I am curious about how you prefer to end your evening at a concert. Do you like to be let go gently or in an aggressive manner when the show is about to wrap up? Place your vote on how you like to start and finish your concert adventures!

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