Yep. Dallas Cowboys fans especially ... the ones I know anyway ... care very much about Ezekiel Elliott jumping ship.

Some love that he left, others fear it's the end for Dallas. Patriots fans seem happy about it but there are, (always), some doubters.

His own, former, coaches admit this change is good for Zeke.

Honestly though, no fan of either the Cowboys or the Patriots should be upset about this.

Why? Because, I see an epic moment coming. Bear with me ...

I've never believed that one player, one coach, one water boy for that matter ... sorry Adam Sandler ... makes any team live or die.

Unless we're talking Tom Brady. THAT guy made a difference in sports he didn't even play.  Don't get me started on him though, those days are gone.

Sure Zeke did amazing things, as I hope he will continue to do for my beloved New England Patriots.

Again though, no man is an island.

Except for TB12 ... he's his own country. (Ok, ok ... I'll stop now.)

New York Giants v New England Patriots
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Why Do I Think Zeke Going To NE Is A Good Thing?

Nobody should hate on Zeke for where he went. Instead, look forward to the matchup between these teams on October 1st, 2023.

Zeke's coming home with incredible ability, an intimate knowledge of the Cowboys inner workings and a strong urge to show everyone who the better man is.

Backed by a team anxious to reclaim past glories and led by, arguably, the best coach in the history of the game.

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Meanwhile, Dak and 'da boys have been building steadily and (somewhat) quietly. Almost Belichick-ianly.

They are absolutely a force to be reckoned with this season and Lord knows they're going to come extra hard at Zeke, knowing him as well as he knows them.

Bottom Line.

I don't know how either team will look come January but 10/1 may well be the best damn game of the season.

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