Hurricane Harvey did not only affect the people but the animals as well like this horse. In College Station, a rescue team had to figure out how to save this horse from the crazy flood.

The Dodo published this story earlier today and is definitely worth the watch that will touch your heart. She (the horse) was extremely nervous to move because the currents were getting stronger. It took a big group of heroes that risked their lives to save hers in this flood. Now this man who approached her had to try and calm her down petting her point of shoulder area. The man had to carefully put a polyester bungee cord around her neck to lead her to safety. If I were in a situation like that I would be kissing the ground after being saved. As for this horse, she gave praise another way which was by feeding on some green grass after being rescued. It's unfortunate that other animals are still stranded in those dangerous waters but you can help be a part of the save through Best Friends Save Them All.

This is definite proof that not all heroes wear capes and if you want to help donate at these two places United Blood Services or The Salvation Army.

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