An El Paso woman is looking for a couple and their young daughter who helped her after she severely injured herself while hiking in the Franklin Mountains.

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This woman just wants to give a big thank you to a local family who helped her out during a scary situation.

Amber Buentello says she was hiking on Saturday when she fell down and badly injured her leg. Buentello says she was in excruciating pain and "crying hysterically the whole time" so her memory was blurred of her entire ordeal. Thankfully, she says a couple with their young daughter was there and came to her aid.

Buentello wrote that the man attempted to fireman carry her down the mountain and the couple tried to help her from hyperventilating. Her injuries were severe, Amber broke her leg in three spots and also had a dislocation.

After getting medical treatment, she now wants to find the family and thank them for their help during her time of need.

Buentello posted in the Hiking El Paso Facebook group asking for help finding the couple and gave a brief description of the couple:

"Wife had dark hair and she was skinny with a 3 or 4-year-old daughter with brown or dark hair. I believe the mom was Hispanic. The husband was I think white man, with lighter-colored hair. His hair was short fade all up. He was very buff- he attempted to fireman carry me and his shoulders were hard as a rock."

Amber says she would like to personally thank them for their help during a difficult situation saying they helped her "more than (she) could've ever asked for."

Buentello is asking if anyone knows them or if they are the couple to please contact her so she can thank them. This is a great example of the El Paso community and the way people are willing to come together and help out each other during a time of need.

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