October is just a few days away and all the horror movie posts will begin soon. Let's get the ball rolling with a few scenes you probably haven't ever seen!

Most movies have scenes cut from them. Due to timing issues, content unsuitable for the movie or because they're just too damn horrific. Exactly which of these applies to these scenes I don't know but, here are some deleted horror movie clips to kick off "Horror Movie Season"!

Die-hard Alien fans have seen this but, average fans probably haven't.

This deleted scene from Event Horizon shows an even more disturbing version of Hell than the movie did.

Lord knows Rob Zombie isn't afraid to get scary or gory. He pulled this scene from The Devil's Rejects because he didn't like where it took the storyline.

Paranormal Activity directors filmed a number of alternate endings but, the one where the female lead character offs herself was deleted.

Due to its graphic nature or because it would have ruled out sequels isn't known but, I'm betting it was to leave the sequel window open because ... while dark and grainy ... that scene was pretty tame!

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