Alright, so let’s get serious here for a minute.

I need to speak to whoever it is that is bringing so many car washes to the Horizon area. Don’t cancel me car wash people. I love you. I really do. And I appreciate you for keeping our vehicles clean, but.... can whoever is bringing so many car washes... BRING US A CLOSER TARGET TOO?!! 

Target Corp. Reported A 4 percent increase in second-quarter profits
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I came across a post on a Horizon Facebook group that read, “Can Horizon build another Walmart. Too many people for just one,” and I couldn’t agree more with this post!

A few of the comments had me laughing out loud:

"No, because we need to have at least 10 car wash places, 5 brake masters, 5 oil change stations, and Ross and DD’s before they even think of doing another Walmart."


I love a good sarcastic comment. And some comments suggested other businesses that we don’t need in Horizon anymore:

“We don’t need any more fast food restaurants either….”

Whoa. Those are fighting words! Now, I know that there is a Walmart on Horizon Blvd. but it’s still a drive for me. Sometimes I just wanna drive down the street to grab some snacks and not make it a whole 15 minute trip, and apparently I wasn’t alone.

The comments on this post not only agreed with this Horizon resident, they also had other suggestions for what should be brought to the Horizon area. 

Trader Joe’s:

“We need a Trader Joe’s or a Sprouts.”


“Petition for Trader Joe’s”



"An H.E.B would be awesome"


"I wonder why there’s isn’t a HEB if we are in Texas."



"Can we up our standards over on this side and go with a Target?"


"Target, Sams, Costco Please! Albertsons not until 2024."


Banks, Post Offices ect.

"Chase Bank it's a must." 


"What we need is a post office closer to us."


“Lowe’s, we need."


Court Del Norte Motel



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