Thankfully no one in El Paso has had an accident while throwing an ax like this! Lately, the new trend to relieve stress is throwing an ax at a wooden board. It is a fun way to practice at aiming the ax at your target. I had visited our local ax-throwing joint, Relaxe and had so much fun! I had one major concern and that was what you will see in the video above. After finishing the entire hour at Relaxe without any problems was such a relief.

Unfortunately, for one dude he had a really close call with death possibly. His guardian angel was definitely by his side the moment he threw the ax. After watching this short clip has now triggered my paranoia with ax throwing. I was totally shocked by the reactions of the people near the ax that ricocheted. No one really screamed bloody murder the way I have if I saw an ax return back in my direction. Be prepared to be amazed by the man who had a quick reflex and saved his own life!

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