Does El Paso have the worst drivers in the world? No, not even close. But there are a few things I've noticed that El Pasoans do that are just infuriating.

  • 3. This one comes in at number three because this happens everywhere, but El Paso seems to do it more. I'm driving straight, passing a car that is turning left. Why in God's name do you need to first swerve to the right to turn left? If you need to swerve right to make a U-turn, you probably shouldn't be making a U-turn there. Do you not realize that by swerving to the right, I have to swerve to get our of your way? And if there's a car next to me, there's a good chance it will cause an accident. STOP swerving right before you turn left.
  • 2. My first experience with this next one was actually pretty funny. I first moved to El Paso and Buzz was driving. We were at a red light, getting ready to turn left. The lane to our right was also turning left. Buzz makes the comment "Watch, they won't stay in their lane. People here just anchor into any lane they want when they turn left." Sure as s*** that light turned green and the car to our right came right on over and would have taken out Buzz's bumper if he hadn't been prepared for it. Need an explanation for what to do?
  • 1. The reason this next one takes the top spot on the list is because no matter how many places I've driven, I have never had this happen anywhere but in El Paso. I'll be cruising down Mesa at 45 MPH and see someone coming up to pull out of a parking lot. Everywhere else I've driven, this person waits for an appropriate spot to pull out onto the road. Not in El Paso. Nope. There is no need to check the traffic. They just go. Oh, and do they get up to speed quickly? Not an ice cube's chance in Hell. If you are on the road, you better be ready to slam on your brakes because they will pull out right in front of you and go as slowly as they can. On top of this, there could be two lanes with no cars in them, and somehow they pick the lane you are in.


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