We still have quite a long ways to go until Five Finger Death Punch's concert. After I came across the video above, it had me wondering about their concert at the Don Haskins Center. Bad Wolves had Ivan Moody join them on stage as they were playing "Zombie" at one of their shows. I was thrilled to see the video above and had me wondering about their upcoming show here in El Paso.

It was amazing to see Bad Wolves kind of collaborate with Ivan Moody for "Zombie" for a couple of minutes. Ivan Moody was even ecstatic about joining them and having the fans applaud Bad Wolves. This is something a lot of us enjoy seeing at a concert and hope it happens when they come here. Even if Bad Wolves doesn't bring Ivan Moody on stage during their set I will be happy either way. If you would like to see them collaborate like above take the poll below!


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