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I don't know what it is about the cold weather but it really makes me crave Chico's Tacos! Chico's is very polarizing, you either love it or you hate it. I LOVE it. So if you hate it, now would be the time to leave. For those of us who love Chico's, we all understand that craving; it comes suddenly and you need to get your fix. Chico's can change the cheese, the bowls they come in, we don't care, because they're so near and dear to us. While all of us here in the borderland have access to a Chico's, some of our fellow El Pasoans aren't that fortunate.

Fortunately for us, there's Nicole Delgado. A former El Pasoan who, according to her Instagram, now lives in Virginia, is a YouTuber with various recipes on her channel, one of those is a recipe to the iconic Chico's Tacos. Now, we can't really confirm that this is the EXACT way that Chico's makes their tacos (that recipe is under lock I'm sure), but judging from the comments, it's pretty darn close! It also looks like you can make it with simple ingredients you probably already have at home.

I love how she also included how to make the green salsa and she added the fries (she even dipped the fries in the cheese! If you're not dipping your fries in the cheese then you're eating Chico's the wrong way). As a lover of Chico's, I'm always down to try different variations of it, and I actually look forward to trying this recipe out for myself! For those far from the 915, I hope this helps you get your Chico's fix until you can get the real stuff, because, of course, nothing can beat the real thing.

Ugh. Now I want Chico's!

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