I’m here to help! In our Fan Chat on Facebook someone said:

I need a list of restaurants in EP that an out of towner needs to visit.

Done. Here’s my list of the 5 essential El Paso restaurants to take out-of-town visitors.

1.) L&J Café

This is a must. It’s directly across the street from the historic (and reportedly haunted) Concordia Cemetery. L&J is in a building that used to be a speak-easy during prohibition. The Mexican food is authentic and delicious. You can cross the street and walk off some of the calories by strolling the graveyard where famous gunslingers, revolutionaries and other historical personages are buried.

2.) Cattleman’s Steakhouse

This is a bit of a drive from El Paso proper but that makes it seem even MORE like the adventure it truly is. Love steak? They’ve got some of the best. Don’t like steak? I assume they have other stuff on the menu but I wouldn’t know because I always get a steak. Plan on making a day out of it because, in addition to the restaurant there’s also a zoo, a rattlesnake habitat, a lake, children’s playground and, depending on the day and the season, “hay” rides that take you out to see movie sets from old timey western movies. It’s about a half hour drive out to Indian Cliffs but totally, totally worth it.

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3.) Café Central

This is the place to take visitors if you’re wanting to go “fancy”. As in, “linen tablecloths and most men are wearing jackets” fancy. I don’t think they actually have a dress code but it’s the one place where you’re more likely to see dresses and blazers rather than jean shorts and Cowboys jerseys. It’s smack in the center of downtown El Paso within walking distance of the Plaza Theater, Convention Center and Chihuahua’s Ballpark. It’s as close to a New York City fine dining experience as you’ll get but without the big city prices.

4.) State Line Restaurant

Everybody that visits me gets a trip to the State Line. Technically, State Line is part of a Texas based chain of restaurants called “County Line”. El Paso’s version is the State Line because it is actually on the Texas-New Mexico state line. Depending on which table you sit at you may be in either Texas or New Mexico or possibly both at the same time. It’s one of the few BBQ joints where you can get beef ribs (a personal favorite). If you’re looking for a great appetizer I’ve got three little words that will change your life: Mexican…Deviled…Eggs! Tell ‘em Buzz sent you!

5.) Lucy’s

Specifically, the location on North Mesa that’s a 2 minute walk from the radio station and is adjacent to Kings X Bar. Menu specialties are the Tacos Antonia and, my favorite, Lucy’s Famous Machaca Plate. You can sit in the bar and get food from the restaurant. Beware the salsa; it’s some of the hottest I’ve found in El Paso.

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