Many were in the desert to enjoy the music and take home great memories, but it looks like some may have taken home something else after the festival. The Coachella Valley Music and Arts Festival is arguably THE biggest event of the year, not only for musicians and festival goers but for products and brands too. This is the place to be to go and see new music and be seen. But at this year's festival, it wasn't just random Youtube stars and B-list Instagram celebs were seen popping up around the Coachella Valley. It looks like an STD was popping up all over too.

HerpAlert\ is a website where people can go to get a "discreet and dependable diagnosis and treat for the Herpes virus." HerpAlert saw a massive spike in people using the site to get treatment for herpes in the cities around the fest, plus areas where most of the festival-goers reside. A website user can send in a photo and get a diagnosis from a doctor in less than two hours.

During Coachella Fest, there was a staggering 1,105 cases reported through the site in the cities of Indio, Palm Desert and Coachella Valley- as well as cities where most of the festival-goers live (L.A., Orange and San Diego counties). According to TMZ, HerpAlert usually sees about 12 cases a day but for Coachella, there were 250 cases from Day 1 and Day 2 of the festival. Head to to see when the last major spike in cases was reported.

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