A photo of Kate Hudson's bare ass that was posted on Instagram by her stylist has recently been uncovered, and there's speculation that Kate had her post it as ex revenge.

US Weekly dug up the photo, posted six months ago by Hudson's stylist, Sophie Lopez, on Instagram, features the actress ass up in a bubble bath, along with a caption of a bunch of emojis and the tag #JustAnotherDayAtTheOffice. We want to work in THAT office.

Kate commented on the sexy pic, with "Omg! You're so fired! #Fabletics 😜"

According to US Weekly, Hudson may have staged the pic, and had Lopez post it in an effort to make Nick Jonas — who had allegedly just broken up with — jealous. Ahh, the oldest game in the book. We're not sure if it worked because we don't care enough about Hudson and Jonas' relationship to find out if they've been spotted canoodling by the paparazzi since, but we're just thankful for whatever prompted Kate to gift us with this shot.