You don't have to be in El Paso, Texas to enjoy great food FROM El Paso. In recent years, we've seen several restaurants pay tribute to the 915 area around the United States; the latest one can be found in downtown Huntsville, Alabama.

What's the name of the El Paso restaurant in Huntsville, Alabama?

Located at 107 North Side Square, Huntsville, AL 35801; after months of teasing on their social media pages, the new restaurant called Del Chuco: Cocina Y Cantina opened its doors in Huntsville to a very excited public.

A lot of comments online have come from people of El Paso & were very happy to see the love for their home shown in another state. Heck the name itself, is a direct nod to the Sun City.

One look at the menu & you can see some very familiar dishes that you'd find in El Paso; classics like flautas, barbacoa tortas, chile verde, etc. It's definitely El Paso oriented in both the menu & the interior.

Who founded the Del Chuco restaurant?

It should come as no surprise that a place dedicated to El Paso was made by someone FROM El Paso; the husband and wife duo from El Paso, Erick & Stephanie Luther, have been working on Del Chuco since August 2023 & now their dreams of opening up have come true.

Alabama isn't the only state with restaurants dedicated to El Paso, Texas

Nevada, Louisiana, even Virginia all have various restaurants named after or uniquely inspired by El Paso; for example Las Vegas has the Juarez El Paso Border Food & Louisiana has the El Paso Mexican Grill and there are many more found throughout the country.

We appreciate the love shown from the Luthers; and that love is definitely sent back to you in Alabama.

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