The Ever Given is free! The Ever Given, which had been jammed in the Suez Canal like Homer Simpson in the world’s largest water flume, is finally afloat. This means that thousands of tons of cargo, including a big chunk of the world’s vital sex toys can now resume their treks after a long week of waiting and watching.

The Ever Given is one of the largest cargo ships in the world. They even have a name for this kind of ship: they call it a SuezMax. The largest a ship can be while still being able to navigate the Canal. After this week, though, they might need to re-examine the “Max” part of “SuezMax”.

Take a look at this comically ginormous boat:

Container Ship 'Ever Given' Refloated, Unblocking Suez Canal
Getty Images
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You see those multi-colored squares that look like a Tetris game? Each one of those are a full sized shipping container. Each one of those is roughly the size of my first studio apartment. The ship was in a single lane section of the canal that measured about 985 feet wide. Its owners originally said high winds in a sandstorm pushed the ship sideways, wedging it into both banks of the waterway and getting it stuck.

I’ve always believed you can appreciate the scale of something until you see it laid next to something else that you are already familiar with. So, with some help from our digital squad, here are a few renderings of the Ever Given superimposed next to some of the most famous landmarks in El Paso.

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