Airlines have been in the news A LOT recently, and not for good things. For the most part it's been about passengers being drug off planes unconscious, or just being removed even after purchasing the seat. But, if you want to take a vacation that's not within driving distance, you are going to need to fly.

I recently booked a trip to California, and while I was doing it, I kept wondering if I was buying my plane ticket at the right time. My mom used to be a travel agent, so that made it easy to book trips. Well, thanks to The Huffington Post, you can book your plane flight at the cheapest time, depending on where you are going. Below is the location followed by the amount of days you should book in advance of take off date.

  • United States - 54 days
  • Canada - 59 days
  • Mexico - 61 days
  • Central America - 61 days
  • Caribbean - 76 days
  • South America - 81 days
  • South Pacific - 89 days
  • Asia - 90 days
  • Europe - 99 days
  • Africa - 119 days
  • Middle East - 119 days