Gardening is seen as a relaxing hobby and a great way to connect with nature. Well, some people in Central Texas are taking that relaxing hobby one step further and doing it in the buff!

Nude Gardening in Texas
Sandie Clark via Unsplash

Nude gardening is not only a thing, but it's a thriving hobby in, you guessed it, Austin, Texas! They're really sticking to the whole "keep Austin weird" motto! And, not only is it a big thing in Austin, but the Texas city is also considered one of the top U.S. cities for naked gardening.

This is according to LawnStarter who ranked Austin number 4 best city for naked gardening; which is big deal as they recently celebrated World Naked Gardening Day!

What is World Naked Gardening Day?

World Naked Gardening Day (WNGD) is part of an international movement and is celebrated annually on the first Saturday of May. The event encourages people to garden without clothes to promote a sense of freedom, body positivity, and a closer connection to nature.

Participants believe that gardening in the nude can be liberating and fun, providing a unique way to engage with the environment. While it may sound unconventional, it has gained a following in various parts of the world, including some cities and communities, and in Austin, naked gardening is ideal for the fertile soil they have!

Nude Gardening in Texas
Benjamin Combs via Unsplash

For those who are curious about gardening in the nude, Designer Plants has a few tips for you. And if you're interested in other nude activities, like going to a beach, Texas also has a great selection for that- check that out here.

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