A brand new episode of "What the Buzz" is up now! We have made some changes to our podcast and it is now available in its entirety on Apple Podcasts and on our very own Listen Live Player. This week's episode is sponsored by Coffee House of Hel over at 2200 Lee Trevino suite B3B. This week, Coffee House of Hel need your help!

Our friends over at Coffee House of Hel are in the process of debuting their new fall menu- this is where you come in! You can help be part of that process by actually naming their new drinks- the pumpkin spice latte and the s'mores latte/frappe. Suggestions must be spooky and ghoulish- you know, to go with the theme!

Here's the MOST IMPORTANT PART: Name suggestions be entered in person at Coffee House of Hel or through this online form.

Two winners will be selected, one from in-house entries and one from our onlien form. Winners will receive a $25 gift card to Coffee House of Hel.

Trust me when I say that is a great prize!

Contests ends on September 4th- winners will be announced on September 5th! Again, all entries must be submitted directly at Coffee House of Hel or this form below:

So head on over to Coffee House of Hel at 2200 Lee Trevino suite B3B and turn in your suggestions for their pumpkin spice latte and and their s'mores latte/frappe. While you're there, check out some of their other delicious drinks like their "Summon the Darkness" (my personal favorite) and lot of others!

Coffee House of Hel
Coffee House of Hel

Don't forget to check out our new episode of "What the Buzz" available on Apple Podcasts and conveniently available on the Listen Live Player!


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