Heinz is known for experimenting quite often as you already know! It seems like a lot of places are trying new things lately. For example, the latest addition of new menu items at fast food joints. It is kind of like how we are in life. We always want to improve and be better than before. The same goes for flavors. So we should be thankful for the people behind what seem like crazy ideas but taste amazingly delicious! Now what I want to see is Heinz hot sauce do a mixer with ranch. But for now, there is Kranch. I have never heard ANYONE in my entire life mention they use ranch and ketchup together. I have not tried this concoction out but now sure as hell tempted to. My favorites would be Mayomust, Mayocue, and Mayochup for those yummy summer foods. Pick the sauce you prefer to use in the poll down below!

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