During these days of being quarantined could get interesting for you. A particular store you depend on for the great value has released 4 new ice cream flavors. Walmart's Great Value brand just released some ice cream flavors that caught my tastebuds' attention. One of the new flavors has incorporated pieces of animal crackers. I think this release of their new ice cream flavors is what we needed during this time.

One of the new flavors is called "Circus Cookie" which is the one with animal cracker pieces. It even has pink icing mixed in with the other ingredients. This flavor even sounds like a circus with the explosion of goodness inside. The other flavor that sounds appealing to adults is "Margarita" which is fat-free. The fat-free sherbet has a lemon-lime taste that also goes perfect with a dab of salt. The other fruity flavor Great Value invented is the "Mango Habanero Coconut" that reminds you of a paleta. The fourth newest flavor is called "Root Beer and Vanilla Float" a classic favorite. Place your vote on which flavor grabs your attention below.

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