HEB has released new candle scents and one scent has people obsessed- Butter Tortilla. If El Paso had candle scents, what would they be?

In Texas, there are a few brands that people are obsessed with. Buc-ee's is the number one truck stop, Dairy Queen is our go-to for quick desserts, Whataburger is where you go for the best burgers, and more. When it comes to grocery stores, HEB is the place Texans want to go. There's a huge selection, great prices, and some serious brand loyalty from fans. Now, HEB has released their new limited edition candle scents and they have some people talking.

HEB has a "Butter Tortilla" candle scent and people can't stop talking about it. After HEB put their new candle scent on Twitter people went into a frenzy discussing it. Sure they have other great smells like Texas Wildflower, Cowboy Cookie, and more but we NEED to smell this Butter Tortilla scent stat. It also made us think, what candle scents would represent El Paso the most? Here are our choices for the best El Paso scents.

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Chico's- Some of that government-grade cheese we love, the delicious salsas, and a hint of a grilled cheese with mayo. A Chico's scented candle would be the aroma of our dreams.

Carne Asada- This is the scent of the cookout and the one that makes our mouths water.

Guacamole- I'm not sure how good this would smell, but just make sure you don't dip your chips into this candle. It won't taste as good as the real thing.

Cinci Streets- Look, we're talking about candle scents that best represent the city and if you've ever gone out on a Friday or Saturday night on Cinci, you know exactly what that smell is.

Vicks- This is the scent of winter whenever you're sick because even if you lose your sense of smell due to the flue (or COVID) that Vick's is coming in strong.

Sandstorm- During the windy season, we all know what the smell of tons of dust in the air smells like. The incoming allergies need not be infused with this candle.

You can read more about the HEB new candle scents at the Austin 360 website.

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