Heavy Metal fans love to party and so do the stars themselves. The stars have personalized party supplies though.

Rock and Heavy Metal stars have a great fondness for alcohol and in an effort to get closer to their like-minded fans, closer to their fans money, or just to get messed up; more and more of them are getting into the beer, wine, and liquor game.

Slipknot has their Number 9 Reserve Whiskey and Slipknot percussionist Clown has his own moonshine. ("Clown's Iowa Shine" will only be made available oncepre-order here.)

They're not the first bands to do this.

Metallica also has a whiskey, "Blackened", as do Scorpions, Motorhead, and The Rolling Stones. (That one's a little pricey.)

Rockin' wine lovers can enjoy a touch of the grape from wineries owned by rockers like Maynard James Keenan, Dave Mustaine, AC/DC, and the typically whiskey-sluggin' Lemmy.

El Pasoans are all about the tequila so, we have AC/DC and Sammy Hagar to turn to.

The common party denominator in just about every circle would have to be beer and plenty of rockers have gone down that path. Iron Maiden, Kid Rock, Lemmy, (he gets the trifecta here with a beer, whiskey, and wine.), AC/DCMastodon, KISS and many more have lent their names to brewskis.

Now, you have some great and tasty gift ideas for the rockers on your list. Whether you get this stuff to give away or just to lubricate whatever friends and family make it by for the holidays, they'll all love you for it.

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