Dogs are amazing creatures and truly are man's best friend.

They need special attention when it comes to dealing with El Paso's heat though.

First of all, be sure they have plenty of water and keep them inside where it's air-conditioned as much as possible.

All the time preferably.

If they have to be out, in addition to the water, be sure there is plenty of shade and consider getting them some doggy shoes for protection against the scorching hot ground.

Be cool, literally, and get them back inside asap too.

Those are a few tips for those who already have dogs and here are a few more.

If you are thinking of getting a pooch, here are the breeds ... both huge and tiny ... best suited for mega-hot climates.

  • German Short Haired Pointers. Their ability to deal with heat better than others stems from the fact that they were bred to be water retrievers. That trait somehow helps them regulate their body temps well.
  • Great Danes. Believe it or not, these big goofs LOVE heat. and can usually be found chilling, no pun intended, by the warmest heat sources. Lying in the sun or by heaters and fireplaces.
  •  Chihuahuas. From the giant Great Dane to the teeny 'lil Chihuahua. These guys don't deal with cold well so watch them in winter but, being natives of Mexico, they've evolved to handle the desert heat well.
  • Xoloitzcuintli. I'm glad you're reading this instead of listening to me try and explain it all as I have no idea how to pronounce that. Also known as "Mexican Hairless", these guys ... like their cousins, the chihuahuas ... are native to Mexico and are cool with heat.

If properly cared for, any breed can be happy around here. These pups are just the best at heat tolerance.

While these guys handle hot weather better than other dogs, they still need water, shade, etc. They also need company so keep them inside, with you, where it's air-conditioned.

No matter what type of fuzzball you are looking for, please keep these local pet shelters in mind as you search.

El Paso Humane Society

El Paso Animal Services

Animal Rescue League of El Paso


Ways To Keep Your Pet Cool In The Summer Heat



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