Every few weeks or months, it seems, a docuseries comes out that, for whatever reason, really captures the world’s attention. Who remembers “The Jinx”, the mega-millionaire who OBVIOUSLY killed people and then accidentally confessed when he forgot to remove his lavalier microphone when he went to the bathroom?

2020 alone has seen two MASSIVE docu-phenomenons. You had “The Last Dance” about the greatest player in basketball history AND “Tiger King” about the worst people in the history of people.

On December 2nd HBO premiered “Baby God”. Maybe it will be the next big docu-dunk. Sorry about all the “docu” wordplay. I’m just looking for something that works.

Does anyone remember the 2013 Vince Vaughn comedy, “Delivery Man?”

It’s understandable if you don’t. Of all the forgettable Vince Vaughn movies, it is THE most forgettable. It’s about a regular schmo who made money as a sperm donor. Years later he discovers he has fathered hundreds of children who are now college-aged. Wacky hijinks then ensue.

Imagine that scenario, but instead of a donor the “Delivery Man” is a fertility doctor. That hundreds of childless couples went to in the 1960s. And he didn’t tell them he was using his own junk. And, somehow, he’s less of a physical specimen than even Vince Vaughn. Oh, and also, some of his patients weren’t even TRYING to have children.

That is kind of the true story of Dr. Quincey Fortier and his...literally, HUNDREDS… of now adult children. Here’s the trailer:

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