Disneyland turns 62 years old today. Here are some random facts about the happiest place on Earth.

  1. Walt Disney originally thought about putting the theme park in his seven acre lot in Burbank. It would have been called Walt Disney's America.
  2. The nickname for opening day is "Black Sunday" because so much went wrong.
  3. The first ticket sold to the park was purchased by Walt's brother, Roy. It sold it's one millionth ticket just a couple months later.
  4. The first year's attendance was about 3.6 million people. Now it serves just over 16 million people annually.
  5. Pirates of the Caribbean has had the most riders of any ride on the planet.
  6. You'll find the Disney cast members smiling every in the park, since it's required. Well, except one place. The Haunted Mansion has cast members that are told NOT to smile.
  7. The entire park cost $17,000,000 to build. The first ride that cost more than that was Space Mountain, which cost $20,000,000.

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