A couple of years ago, a project was started, called Star Wars Uncut, where fans of Star Wars were asked to help recreate the film in pieces. Everyone interested picked a scene to film in any way they wanted; animation, live action, with dolls, whatever, and then the entire film was painstakingly re-edited together. They only needed 473 scenes, but received almost 1,000 scenes from excited people!

The film was completed in June of 2010, but was not released to the public until this year.

They're now working on The Empire Strikes Back, and they've cut the movie into fifteen second segments. You have thirty days to shoot your segment and get it back to them, or they'll put the scene back up for grabs. If you want to help remake one of the all-time great movies, get on it before it's too late!

Check out the completed fan-version of Star Wars, and enjoy the craziness that fans have come up with!

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