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Daniel Fleetwood was given only two months to live back in July, due to suffering from connective tissue cancer. At only 32 years old, the Spring, Texas, resident is already planning how to achieve his dying wish. Unfortunately, it's one he's afraid won't happen.

After defying the odds, Fleetwood is reaching out to to the media to share his wish of seeing the much anticipated Star Wars: The Force Awakens because he doesn't believe he will make it to the Dec. 18 premiere.

Fleetwood told KPRC, "Judging by how progressive the disease has gotten in the past two months," Fleetwood says, "I really don't think that I'll be able to make it.

Social media is trying to help Fleetwood achieve his dying wish by trying to reach out to Disney's studios and even director of the new movie, J.J. Abrahms. So far, Mark Hamill and John Boyega have retweeted Fleetwood's wish but the final say will have to come from Disney.

They should let this guy get in on a special screening with incredibly high security and do something good. It would be a great PR move, but like Star Wars needs any help in promotions. Spread the word and help Fleetwood make his dream come true!