The gorgeous Lzzy Hale is celebrating her 30th birthday today!

She is one of the hottest female rock stars roaming the air waves these days. She along with the handsome fellas of Halestorm have blessed us with their presence several times in the past couple of years. Never disappointing on a single performance.

On 2011 KLAQs BBQ, 2012 for Carnival of Madness and KLAQ's Balloonfest 2013. If ya went, you know what I'm talking about! If you missed it ... you should be ashamed! Either way, here is a little flashback from Balloonfest last year.

Also, being Dubba G's crush, what better way to wish him an early birthday than by dressing like him?!

Dubba G and Lzzy Hale

Earlier this year Halestorm, along with other great artists, appeared on the awesome Dio tribute album, "Ronnie James Dio This Is Your Life". Halestorm rocking the tune, "Straight Through The Heart".

So Lzzy, Happy Birthday and hope you guys come back and see us soon!!