His legs don't work and he has no wings at all; but this guy can FLY!

I love watching .. and posting .. about X Games stuff.  Well, maybe not all of it neccesarily, but all the motorcycle stuff rocks!  (Ok, ok, ok ... and the bicycle and skate stuff as well.)

The bikes are pretty cool but they are "designed" if you will for these stunts. Lightweight, fast as hell and very maneuveravble.  This is Aaron Fotheringham, also known as "Wheelz". He lost the use of both his legs to  Spina Bifida but he never lost his nerve or his drive to excel at The X Games. Or anywhere else I'd imagine!

With all that nerve (and a lot of heart. This guy practically bleeds hope and positivity!) he saw beyond the quick and agile dirt bike and soared into the history books in a square, clunky, not-so-aerodynamic wheelchair

Don't let that slip up at the end dim your admiration for this guy.  Over 80 percent of those who try the MegaRamp can't succesfully nail the jump AND the 1/4-pipe ending! WITH all their limbs and on equipment way more suited to this thing! (bikes, skates, boards, etc!)

(Can you see this cat on Trans Mountain? That would be SICK!)

Wheelz may not have 2 good legs, but he's got cojones the size of Texas!

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