The cool thing about movies these days is how real they can get the CGI stuff to look. Sometimes though, all that fancy CGI just doesn't cut it.

In the upcoming Furious 7 flick, not all the stunts are CGI generated.  They actually had to find a way to really do some of that stuff including, dropping a bunch of cars out of a flying C-130.  The video takes you behind the scenes and shows you how they managed to toss the cars out of the plane without:

  • Destroying valuable cars.
  • Hurting or killing anyone.
  • Squishing anyone's roof, property or pets.

It's pretty cool seeing how they pull off the stunts that are still real.  More and more movie stunts and even complete scenes and exteriors are done with green screens but, every now and then, Hollywood still has to get out there and get real.

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